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Who We Are

F.O.R.S. (Family Oriented Rehab Services) was established in February 2004 by Amir Etemadi. Amir has more than 15 years’ experience working with children, adults, and their families as a Child and Youth Worker, Therapy Support Worker, Social Worker and the latest, as a Behaviour Consultant with York Simcoe Brain Injury Services. In addition he has long standing associations with the Ontario Brain Injury Association(O.B.I.A.) and the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellor (O.A.C.Y.C.).

F.O.R.S. Therapy Support Workers (T.S.W.) and Child and Youth Workers (CYW) are all experienced and each has an average of ten years experience working with people and their families in social service

Therapy Support Workers and Child and Youth Workers work under the direction of regulated health care professionals of the interdisciplinary team and will not perform an assessment or make recommendations.

At F.O.R.S. we use the frequency of our visits to assist the rehabilitation team to help the client reach their maximum rehabilitation potential. With our experience in working within the family context and with the
support of the family, we are able to assist the rest of the team in ensuring a holistic level of treatment.

F.O.R.S. emphasizes the need to understand the client’s culture, language and family environment in order to best provide the most effective treatment. Our staff is from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, and we match our clients with the staff member best suited to their cultural needs. Our team of Therapy Support Workers speak almost every language, while our Social Work Services are offered in up to 18 languages. In our experience, understanding and respecting the cultural values of the client works to improve the overall effectiveness of the treatment, as well as ensure that the client’s personal rehabilitation experience is at its best.