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My name is Satminder I had Brain injury in the beginning of 2004 I have had some big problems after that I did not know what to do after a couple months Amir come into my like an angel from god in the beginning it was hard to work with him because he was pushing me and I didn’t want to move but slowly started seeing and noticing change in my self it was because of Amir’s hard work I am very thankful to Amir and Sean is another worker that works with him they are great they made all this time as easy as possible for me and my family they tried to support everybody in my family they know the culture and had great deal of respect for everyone at last I would like to thank Amir and his team for the great work he has done I do not know where I would be without you guys. God bless Amir and entire staff at FORS”

Your thankful client

Satminder Teji

"Hi Amir

    How are you? Thank you Amir for spending so much time helping us with our difficult time.
We’ve had to face many hardships but you’ve made it easy for us to go through those time because you’ve made us always laugh through those times.

I’m Milan’s brother and I know how much you’ve done for us. You respect our cultures, our religions, our traditions and even our language. This is helped us have great times when you come and help all of us. You have always explained different situations to our parents and helped them understand the situation even better. You have even helped my sister and me when we needed your help and even when we may have had difficulties with different things. Also, every time we had a hard time you always made it much more of a happy moment by making us laugh through it.

We really appreciate the things you’ve done for us. There are many times that we had very hard times and they were really sad and frustrating for us but you made it a lot easier for us and we passed through those times like the were just a bad dream. Our parents are very happy for all of the things you’ve said and done for us. You’ve helped them make very good choices and you let them have a say in everything so that an even better decision can be made for the situation. Also, even through you are to help Milan by simply improving his current condition, all of the tests, exercises and other things you do you do them in such a way that the seem as a game when we need to do it.

Amir, thank you so much for all your help and all of your time. You are a really responsible, understanding, kind and trustworthy person.”

Milan’s brother, sister, mother and father

"The FORS team has been tremendous help in my recovery. The RSW’s at FORS have assisted me with dealing with many stressful situations that I would not have been able to handle on my own. They are very knowledgeable about issues concerning ABI and carry out their work in a professional manner.
They have also been very accommodating by providing me with RSW’s that speak my native language and understand my culture. If it wasn’t for the team at FORS I don’t think I would be were I am today. I thank you at FORS for all of your assistance.”


"Dear Amir,

Throughout my tragic incident FORS has thoroughly acknowledge my discomforting situation, and has developed an efficient way, to provide for my needs. I truly believe FORS is one of the greatest therapy services in all of Canada. Amir has succeeded exceptionally well, due to being aware of my religion, culture and my language. In conclusions I am sincerely thankful for all your hard work.”



"Dear Amir,

The only word my family can describe your service is UNBELIEVABLE. Your generosity and flexible hours during these past five years, has defiantly given me and my family an opportunity to understand how much your care about your clients.

Is extremely well acknowledged to every single individual in our family, you are the right person to help someone who is in need, especially because you understand our culture, language and religion. We believe we are very fortunate, to have you work with us throughout such a discomforting time in our lives.
In conclusion we believe you are the perfect person to help anyone in need, and we are grateful we were able to receive such a friendly and good – hearted person.”


Piara’s Family

"FORS has been a great help in the process of my recovery and would say FORS is one of the greatest therapy services in Canada. The support workers at FORS are familiar with many cultures, religions as well as languages that’s why I would like to thank Amir and the rest of the workers at FORS of making this painful process as easy as possible.”

One of your most thankful ABI clients


"On behave of myself and my family I would like to thank Mr. Amir and the entire FORS personnel for their awesome services. We are greatly appreciated for all the help and support that we have received through this agency, in our bad time.

Amir, you are wonderful, we thank you for taking into consideration our culture and customs. We have been lucky to have some one like you, who knows our culture, language and has fully knowledge of our traditional aspects. You have made it extremely easy for my parents, by explaining every case or scenario in details to them in their own language.
Therefore, we thank you from bottom of our heart for your dedications and your kind help and support. May God bless you and the rest of the staff at FORS.”

Rimo’s Family