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Social Work & Counselling


In addition to Therapy Support Services (TSW), we also provide Social Work Services. Our Social Workers have extensive experience working with the clients involved in accident and sustained brain injury. We conduct psychosocial assessments and implement treatment plans. We provide treatment to address behavioural, emotional, and cognitive challenges including anxiety, depression, anger, and adjustment issues. Our services are culturally-oriented to respond to the socio-cultural needs of the clients and the families. Our Social Workers provide services to the clients from various cultural and ethnic communities including South Asia, Middle East, Europe, East Asia, Africa and South America. We provide both Social Work and Rehabilitation Support Services in a wide variety of languages including Arabic, Farsi/Persian, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Urdu and more.


Once an accident happens and an individual sustains brain injury, a substantial change takes place that not only affects the individual but also her/his family, friends, co-workers, and other contacts. The change is so drastic that in many cases we call it the rebirth of the individual. Often the person with a brain injury is not exactly the same as the one before the injury. This drastic change demands adjustment to the new reality. The Social Worker has a key role in helping the clients and the families adjust to the changes caused by the accident and brain injury. In addition, the Social Worker provides the clients and their families with educational material regarding brain injury, the treatment process, and the roles of various professionals involved. The services and supports provided by our Social Workers will help the clients and their families to overcome challenges such as depression, behavioural issues, communication of feelings and thoughts, working effectively with the treatment team, etc.

Therapy Support Work

At F.O.R.S. our Therapy Support Workers and Child and Youth Workers work with our client in three settings: 


F.O.R.S. is available to start the support work from the hospital. Our experienced associates will be able to work in cooperation with hospital staff and under the direction of regulated health care professionals in order to assist the client and the professionals to go through this first phase of the recovery process.




Our experienced Child and Youth Workers or Therapy Support Workers will accompany our client to and from school and will stay with the student in the classroom to give extra support under the guidance of the classroom teacher. This process will be under the direction of regulated health care professionals and will be reviewed at every team meeting and/or when needed.


Home and Community:


Our goal within the community setting is to increase the client's independence while accessing the individual’s activities of interest under the direction of regulated health care professionals of the interdisciplinary team, and will be reviewed in the team meeting and/or when needed.

At F.O.R.S. we also provide Personal Support Workers (PSW) in every language and culture.